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There are many ways to support the Battery Tour. No matter how you support the tour, you will be a part of a movement that is making a big impact on the world by advancing sustainable energy efforts.


The Battery Tour is an ambitious project created by AY Young. It started as a grassroot movement to inspire action, connection and bring access to energy to countries in need. AY performed over 800 concerts powered exclusively by solar energy across the United States and sent his innovative solar boxes to 15 developing countries.  

AY is a United Nations’ young leader tasked with promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.  He performed at the Green Energy Ball for Joe Biden’s inauguration and created strong partnerships with world leading charities, artists, influencers and companies to make sure we all start working together and take action now. 





We are creating the world’s first sustainable album, featuring some of the best artists in the world, coming together to tell a story in 17 songs. 17 like the Global goals we need to push forward. Imagine something like “We are the world” times 17! Each song will power change by funding our impact charities.



We will tour the United States bringing this message to local communities in 17 mini festivals that will showcase a new way for people to come together and drive action. Through the Battery Tour, everyone now has the chance to be part of the solution. Each tour date will power change by leaving behind a legacy project: a tangible improvement that will link with the most relevant SDG.



We believe in sharing knowledge. To make sure this will change things for real, we need others to follow in our footsteps. That’s why we will create and distribute a guidebook for the music industry to learn how to produce and tour sustainably, how to collaborate with key players and how to give  the audience the opportunity to take action.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

are the 17 targets we need to hit globally to create a more sustainable world. And we need to do it now. What do you care about the most?  


What is an outlet? 

Everyone is an outlet. You are an outlet. Your neighbours, your friends, your family. Charities, artists, companies, world leaders. Everyone has the power to drive change, and if we do it all together, we can move mountains. That’s why the Battery Tour exists. Whether you are a single person or a massive corporation, we ask every outlet the same two things: take action and power the tour (which means: help us make this happen). 

How can I power the tour?  

There are endless ways in which you can contribute. You can donate, volunteer, buy a t-shirt, share on social media, talk with your friends, attend our events and so much more.  

The first step is one, and it is simple. Join the movement. Sign up here, take the Outlet Oath and be officially part of the community. We will help you every step of the way to take action and power change. 

What do I get if I sign up? 

The moment you sign up we will send you a virtual welcome kit. It’s our way to get you up to speed on what we’re working on and give you some ideas on how you can help.  

After that, you will access our newsletter, you’ll receive members-only video updates from AY to know what’s new in each phase before the everyone else. It will be a sort of VIP backstage pass for the whole project. 

You will also have exclusive access to our members-only events and our monthly changemakers calls where you can connect with other outlets across the world and be supported in your journey to be a changemaker in your own unique way. 

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